Thursday, October 22, 2009

Five Years and Fabulous

Five Years and Fabulous!

Five great, yet challenging years of remission. It's been an adventure to say the least. Today was a great day and thank you for celebrating with me. Lord, thank you for loving me and walking with me through my 28 years of life. Especially the past five years. Thank you for surrounding me with wonderful, kind and caring people all along the way. Thank you for hearing all of our prayers and for entrusting me with one of your many miracles. Lord, if someone else is praying for their miracle tonight--- I want to echo that prayer.

With You, all things are possible. You are our Healer, Jehovah-Rapha. Tonight I continue to pray for peace and complete healing. I lift that prayer up tonight for many people who I deeply love and care for.

Lord, I trust you have a perfect plan for the next five years and many more. So thankful we're walking down this road hand in hand.



  1. Hey Becca,

    It's me, Brandy (Rice). I came across your blog by browsing other blogs. I'm so glad you are doing good. You are truely a blessing to all. I have kept up with you thru my aunt who I believe see's your dad now and again. I saw your dad in January when my aunt Laurie's mom passed away. I continue to pray for you and please keep in touch. My email address is I also have a blog: I don't update much.

    Take care and God Bless,


  2. Hi my sweet friend. I'm glad that you are doing well. It was a delightful surprise running into you a few months ago over at Clair's shop. I think of you so often.

    I've moved back out to the suburbs and would love to have you out to the house for dinner sometime.

    Blessings, Dee